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NEWS!!! May 2019 Two New Products released including new Talking Computer all with our new built in Algorithm !


Smallest most powerful roulette computer on the market place!

Smallest most powerful roulette computer the EVO20V(vibration only)

EVO20V(above) -utterly superior to other roulette computers!

“No Wires, No Leads, No Hearing aid, No Mess, simple , elegant and powerful”


EVO20S Talking Computer (above)-added features of speech transmitted to a hidden hearing aid, advantages are faster predictions over Vibration and multiple team players.

Improved Algorithm Predictive Power increased. See video below!

Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries charges from any USB!

Vibration Computer(EVO20V    £500) Feel the numbers in the palm of your hand.

Talking Computer   (EVO20S   £1000) any Languages! With Receiver and hidden hearing aid.  (

Second Player Receivers and hearing aids available £200

Paypal and eBay Protection The only seller of such equipment to do this! Shipped within 3 working days (Excluding Bank Holidays)

100% feedback selling these Roulette Computers through eBay.

Will Beat All Competitors Videos try it yourself!

Roulette Computers


For the majority of people, you should be able to use this within a few hours, its fairly simple and most people manage to become successful in understanding how its applied and how it works. Most people also ask questions, explain what they are doing in detail that helps us to understand where they may be going wrong, or maybe they just want to know more about how the device can be applied and how it works or what do in certain situations. This device will work on any tilted wheel you come across and any video, we encourage you to try it on any competitors videos or online casinos before you decide to visit your local casino and place bets using this device.

A poor workman always blames his tools and not himself, so if you cannot use the tool, find out why, don’t give up, ask questions. Only losers give up, winners persevere! The feedback and our video demonstrations show the device as a predictive TOOL working perfectly and all predictions are pointed too indicating this is not a voice over and breaking a Standard Deviation in probability which would be impossible if the device was not predicting correctly. We are here to help and have good support mentioned in our eBay feedback. We will do everything in our power to help you understand and use the product no matter how long it takes.

So Always purchase through eBay or Paypal as it offers you more  payment protection unless you know what you want exactly or you are an existing customer of ours.

How Covert and invisible is the product?

Cannot be seen by casino staff and can be operated discretely within your hand , the unit vibrates predictions in your hand silently to you and tells you where to bet exactly!

( We also do  a Gumstick version only 3 mm thick approximately for use in Cards that the casinos supply by disguising the unit and operating it in between the Result cards )


( This is the maximum possible edge you could obtain if you could predict the exact pocket every time)




Results you should obtain using the EVO12 60% Edge compared to the 71% edge of the Evo20S & Evo20V below:


The ROULETTE COMPUTER  tweaks the predictions slightly for every prediction made, these are raw predictions, no fancy setting up , no offsets added and can be tried yourself with your very own roulette computer on this very footage that we supply for practicing and ” Your ” results will confirm that the computer is genuine. . This makes a very user Friendly Roulette computer requiring no technical expertise. It can deal with fast or slow rotors and balls, predict early and is extremely simple to use. The predictions are transmitted to you without you looking at the rotor or wheel. It can predict immediately. Only requires 1/2 rotor timing and 1 ball timing! it requires no tricky capturing in set up.

How Does it work and what is a roulette computer actually predicting?

Most wheels are tilted to some degree, its absolutely impossible to find wheels that exhibit even distribution of the ball on all diamonds, even then, they can still be beat, but why play a difficult wheel if it were found when you usually have at least 8 to chose from in a casino and maximize profits playing a good tilted wheel!

A simple explanation of how roulette computers work is that they calculate the strike point of the ball and although the ball does scatter, its scatters with a predicted deviation and variance forming a classical bell shaped distribution pattern where the peak maximum area is usually a certain number of pockets away from the strike point.In the above graph its at +11 and the possible  maximum number of hits in a 5 pocket sector is 25/92. No computer can predict better than this if using a standard Roulette Wheel and ball.

What we are showing in the graph above is the natural scatter of the ball, the ball strikes the rotor and then can travel further before coming to its final rest place. sometimes the ball will even bounce backwards. People often ask but why can’t a roulette computer predict the exact number every time, but the truth is that a roulette computer can only predict the strike point of where the ball will hit the roulette wheel maybe only 70% of the time. Even then, the ball can scatter where ever it likes. As there is 37 pockets(38 on a US wheel) the ball could finish up at anyone of those 37(38) pockets. Luckily, although the ball does scatter, it tends to scatter with a predictable scatter pattern with a large hump where the most hits are at the peak of the hump. This is Called Variance.

Looking at the graph above, we can deduce for an absolute fact for the video of the roulette spins that if we bet on the highest number of hits in a 5 pocket sector, then we can only obtain a possible maximum 25 hits out of 92 spins. The ball in the video hits the 12 o’clock diamond most of the time, but about 20% of the time it hits the 9,10,2,3 o’clock diamond.

This further reduces our hit rate and although you can mathematically make a roulette computer calculate these other strike diamonds, it cannot predict where it will exactly strike the diamond! so this reduces our possible 25 hits out of 92 spins to around 22 hits out of 24 possible!

The EVOLUTION ROULETTE COMPUTER predicts 22 of those maximum possible 24 hits in a 5 pocket sector. This gives us a massive 62% edge over the house which is pretty good!

We rewind the video, so we finished up betting 95 bets.

Example placing bets above would be

Total Bets placed 5 units x 95 spins= 475 units

Bets won is 22 hits x 35 to 1 = 770 units

Profit is 770-475 = 295 units profits made. 62% Edge!

How To Use 


No complex set ups, only fine adjustment, can be used immediately.

This can be predict instantly, no waiting, its not limited to ROTOR SPEED or BALL SPEED!

To Capture Data

There is an extra switch to capture Data or Play, you simply switch it over to chose.

Setting up– first we capture some ball timings using the device and load them into the device, this means you simply press the switch when the ball passes a diamond repeatedly.

Play-You press and hold a switch and take 1/2 rotor timing any between 2 opposite vertical diamonds for example and release the switch when the Zero passes the second vertical diamond. Switched pressed in your pocket or through your trouser material.

Then you take a ball timing by pressing the switch when the ball passes a vertical diamond and releasing when its done a complete revolution.

Output-The unit transmits the number to you without you having to look at the Rotor.

Example number 31

Unit vibrates 3 short vibrations, pauses, then 1 short vibration.

Example number 0

Zero is long Vibrate

Example number 10

Unit vibrates 1 short vibration, then pauses, then one long vibration for Zero.

We only predict numbers with Pip values up to 5, making the unit pick the nearest number with pip values no greater than 5. Example, if it predicted 35, we pick 3 instead, the number next door!

We have a neat trick for predicting Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise numbers instantly.

How confident are we about our Roulette Computers

The only supplier to offer you this sort of product through eBay and Paypal!
We offer a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee on all our products if you find it does not satisfy you in any way, just ship back with  insurance and tracking and we will refund your purchase in full.

Check our 100 % Feedback on ebay  Click Here!

contact me directly for further information:


IS LEVEL WHEEL PLAY POSSIBLE WITH YOUR COMPUTERS? We originally designed our computers to beat level wheels over 25 years ago. It is more profitable to target Tilted wheels and they are more common to find in casinos. There is no other supplier I know that has a computer that can beat level wheels other than ourselves because of our superior applied mathematical skill.


LINK to original Story at The Guardian Newspaper who visited us in person after a team took £1.3 million for the Ritz casino in just 2 days tax free>

Read Fully Story here!

For sale for £1,000: gadget that means you’ll never lose at roulette again!

· Using hidden device ‘does not count as cheating’
· System can give 100% advantage over casino

PODCAST   · Listen to Paul Lewis’s audio report here



1) Bias Wheel Watching, recording physical imperfections of the rotor which permits some numbers to come up more than others, can take months of studying one wheel to get positive results.

2) Visual Ballistics– using just your eyesight, although can work in certain conditions .its not consistent enough.

3) Roulette Computers that we supply from just £750 deposit(50% of cost) which need only a few hours to master! Consistent reliable edge obtained from 25% to 120% depending on conditions of wheel and ball.

This is What a Casino Surveillance Expert Mike Barnett had to say about us and did seem to know who we were linked with in the past. Mike Is a Professional and the Investigator of The Ritz Casino Affair where £1.3 million was won using AP techniques. He also has developed serious devices for beating Roulette & Card games and applied them successfully himself. He is used throughout the casino industry all over the world for his vast knowledge on applying techniques to beat the casinos. Although we are not great friends, I still have utmost respect for his knowledge, skill and expertise.

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