Mark Howe is a mathematician, physicist, electronics expert, inventor and designer of new age technology. He is known world wide for his expertise and knowledge in the field of roulette prediction using electronic devices. He is regarded as one of the worlds leading experts on the matter and was the first person to invent the single wire system, covert completely in the Canal (CIC) hearing aids, first commercial seller of Roulette Predictive technology since 1985 and also the first person to give a Reputable Newspaper and a team of scientists a successful demonstration of his device beating roulette. He currently maintains an interest in Roulette prediction and persists to improve the covertness of his devices by placing them in pens, watches,teeth, rings.

Mark Howe advocates wearing his products on his sleeve and the Visible feedback from his genuine customers all over the world on eBay with a 100% refundable Guarantee offered. This effectively means that if you think the device does not work or you are incapable of using it within 14 days, you can return it for no quibble full refund! It also means that eBay will automatically give you a refund ,and you could leave negative feedback! This is the ONLY way you should purchase such devices until you get to know the seller of such equipment as most other sellers do NOT give an unconditional 100% Refund if at all . Anyone wishing to try such technology from any supplier should insist that the seller provides  such equipment  through eBay and Paypal, if they REFUSE, then its more than likely a SCAM!

by Mark Howe

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