FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Many times we are informed that some suppliers have amazing videos and some people are impressed and fooled. Dealer signature  and constant Rotor speeds makes this possible. Note that we spin the rotor very slowly and very fast to prove the computer is predicting variations you Really find in a casino. Pit Bosses watch dealers to make sure they mix their spins up, vary ball and rotor speed like we do in our video. Some Roulette Computer sellers do not and exploit this to their advantage to impress you.  We will be showing how several other sellers trick you with videos demonstrating what they do claiming these same conditions will happen in real casinos, they don’t, because all casinos watch out for this all over the world!


Both but the majority are tilted 99%, and before you ask, we do have roulette computers for beating level wheels, we created these over 25 years ago! Check our video on the Home page! We do come across some users of our devices that believe that because the ball is hitting more than one diamond( or all diamonds), then there is no dominant diamond to take timings from. This is because they have NOT recorded the frequency of hits on each diamond so can not tell which is the Dominant diamond in a wheel. This is fully explained on our wheel evaluation document and should be studied and learnt and any thing that is not understood be questioned with us directly before you play with real money.

DO I HAVE TO SET UP LOADS OF PARAMETERS TO MAKE IT WORK? No, our new devices do all the hard work for you. It takes 1 spin to calibrate and predict with an edge! Videos coming soon showing its simplicity.

CAN THE HEARING AID BE SEEN? WE no longer use hearing aids as the loops that transmit the hearing aid can be detected in all casinos, so we now use Bimorphic H Drive vibrators ONLY!

Also avoid switches on switch leads linked to mobile phones, you will get caught immediately!

Our Hearing Aids on the left, compared to the one on the far right, which has been moulded from someones ear canal. Note how small ours are in comparison.

See a video

DO I NEED TO WEAR LOADS OF WIRES, LOOPS ROUND MY NECK AND HAVE SWITCHES TRAILING THROUGH MY CLOTHING? No , not with the new Watch Roulette Computer of the Gum stick computer, everything is in the palm of your hand or on your wrist, it cannot be seen and can be operated covertly too without it in your hand. We also do mouth computers.

WHAT ARE THEY? Roulette computers are small discrete electronic computers that can be taken into a REAL CASINO and used to beat the game of roulette by taking timings of the ball and rotor. The roulette computers can then calculate the place where the ball will strike the rotor and predict with a massive edge where the ball will like to end up on the wheel giving the average punter around a 25% edge plus! They can make massive amounts of money in the right hands targeting the correct sort of conditions and most people can make a good second income using them only a few hours a week! Expect to make between around $500 to $10000 a night depending on the length of time you play and the amount you stake each time.

In 2004 three people walked into the Ritz casino and took out £1.3 million in two days http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/article1050374.ece

ARE THEY LEGAL? Yes in many parts of the world, illegal in a few states in the US and Austria in Europe. At best the casinos can only refuse your winnings if they suspected and would not want to cause a scene.  Laws constantly change and its up to the user to be aware of the laws where they intend to play if using in a real casino environment.

HOW MUCH CAN I MAKE? Other Important Facts About Roulette Computers is Expect to make around 25%-70% approximately as a guide, 25% realistically to start with using the device. Anyone claiming a better edge than this is clearly scamming you. Be aware of what a roulette computer can realistically do. Not what some dubious sellers are claiming with doctored video footage.

You only need to place one bet on one number. You can place more, but your edge is exactly the same over time. The computer gives you a 15 pocket spread of the most likely place the ball will finish up in. You can place 1,2,3..up to .15 chips on the sector, although this is impractical to try and drop 15 chips unless you are very experienced, and is totally unnecessary. Please Note, we sell these devices for evaluation purposes only so that you can see that they can be used covertly in a casino environment and gain an advantage. We do not warrant the breaking of the Law in any countries or states where it may be deemed illegal to use such devices in a casino environment. It is down to you to keep up to date with the area you intend to play in.

CAN ANYONE USE THEM? Yes, as long as you have reasonably good eyesight, good hand-eye co-ordination, common sense and can follow simple instructions on how to use such a device. Take a look at the VIDEO section showing set up and use. We have people from all walks of life using these devices including – nurses, doctors, builders, lawyers, construction workers, etc.

DO I NEED TO SPEAK AND UNDERSTAND ENGLISH? No, our new devices do not use English to communicate with you, it uses H-drive Bimorphic feedback to tell you where to place the bets with pin point accuracy.

ARE THEY EXPENSIVE? Other Important Facts about Roulette Computers No, we only charge £750 Deposit for the main kit.(Wrist Watch Roulette Computer or the Gum stick Roulette Computer.Accessories can be purchased separately and remember, our device can speak to you in your own language. No other roulette computer allows you to do this! It will play European and American Wheels . No other roulette computer kit can beat this product for the money. This is the best kit you can purchase and is the envy of all other developers. One more important Facts about roulette computers is never pay more that a small percentage of the deposit and always purchase with a 100% money back guarantee, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product!


Can anyone see them like Casino staff, Casino management, security cameras? No , no one will ever guess you are winning using a pocket  roulette computer, wristwatch roulette computer or a Gum Stick Roulette Computer,  No one can see what you are doing physically even when you click the switch for the predictions. Only systems that use Switches on wire harneses on wires and hearing aids and loops can be detected by the casinos when you walk through the security detectors on all casino entrances in all parts of the world.

How can I cover more pockets with fewer chips?


Facts about roulette computers

Above is our Data Recognition Acquisition software that we developed many years ago where the computer takes the timings for you automatically, this method is ridiculously expensive and difficult to implement and gives no more profit margin even though it takes timings very accurately. Anyone claiming otherwise is simply lying , just ask for them to accept payment through eBay with a money back guarantee to find out the real truth!

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