Visual Ballistics for beating Roulette which is a style of advantage Play for Beating Roulette without a device!


 So It is assumed by many people that when using Visual Ballistics for Beating Roulette that if you note the number 6 spins to go of the ball on a tilted wheel then the ball will come down at that point or a reliable same distance away from the point


The following graphs are created from real data collected from one of my wheels, it shows the Wheel Deceleration and the ball deceleration in graphical form. The beauty of this document is to show you that if we assume always that the ball finishes up at ZERO by placing the last spin of the ball on one of the GREEN LINES in the Wheel Deceleration graph we can look back to six spins before it lands at the BLUE LINE to see where this fits between the green lines and indicates approximately what number is been predicted by this method. In this first method, the blue line is just past a green ZERO and the BALL is travelling in a Clock Wise direction. So above the theory looks good.

Prediction (1)

Prediction 15 final outcome always ZERO

Rotor Speed approximately 4 seconds.

It is as silly as saying if the croupier spins the ball and rotor at exactly the same speed and releases the ball at the exact same point it will arrive at the same destination on the roulette wheel, it can if the were to set up ideal conditions. when Using Visual Ballistics for beating Roulette it is important to know that every spin is different and the only known accurate methods for determining drift or change in a balls behaviour is calculating the difference of deceleration of the wheel and rotor and pulsing on the targeted area. If conditions are right, then the pulse will hover around the correct targeted area most of the time, it it does not, this helps you reject those unwanted conditions and predictions when you are using our device by not placing a bet.

Lets look at the exact same ball and wheel results and try some where else.


Prediction (1)

Prediction 33 final outcome always ZERO

Rotor Speed approximately 5.9 seconds.

Again  Using Visual Ballistics for Roulette

Not so good if we were following the free Visual Ballistic claims going around the net. it would be very rare to see wheels spinning so slowly on a consistent basis and at these low speeds where you might obtain a very slight advantage friction can change the deceleration of the wheel including dust and the atmosphere, after all,the rotor is a giant fan pushing through the air, if the air gets thicker the rotor decelerates more quickly. This is why some unscrupulous suppliers show you their devices with certain rotor speeds where this simplistic method could be demonstrated successfully. In the Real world as you can see from the graphs, the method is unreliable overall.

Lets look at another so for not much consistency



Prediction (1)

Prediction 7 final outcome always ZERO

Rotor Speed approximately 3.85 seconds.

Again inconsistent predictions using this method.

Lets try another shall we?


Prediction (1)

Prediction 10 final outcome always ZERO

Rotor Speed approximately 3.2 seconds.

Conclusion shows real EVIDENCE, don’t just take my word for it, record your own timings from a wheel and stop watch of the ball and rotor, build the graphs, you will find the same conclusions.  The predictions are all different. You could go to the trouble of adjusting for every known rotor speed, some of them have tried, but they forget that Air pressure and temperature can cause the ball to change its deceleration.

Well, if the rotor is consistently spun at the same velocity and the ball never changed its deceleration( Its does, when you hear it rattling, its picked up dust and small particles which affects the ball deceleration) and its travelling relatively very slow, then you could possibly negate a slight advantage. The chances are slim though. You are assuming consistent ball deceleration and wheel deceleration. Some suppliers have created Roulette computers in phones that work on this simplistic principle so will only work at certain rotor speeds. if you have such device that requires certain Rotor speeds, then its simplistic junk and you should ask for your money back.


Here I will additionally tell you that one roulette computer and paper system seller uses such techniques to trick you into thinking his devices and systems work. What he actually does is use very slow CONSISTENT Rotor Speeds +5 seconds per revolution in his videos. OBVIOUSLY DEALERS AND CROUPIERS  DO NOT SPIN THE ROTOR AT EXACTLY THE SAME SLOW SPEED EVERY SPIN, IF THEY DID; THEN IT WOULD WORK.

THESE CONDITIONS WOULD NEVER APPEAR IN A REAL CASINO, he notes the number under a diamond when he releases the ball, bear in mind the ROTOR is going extremely slow. Whether he spins 8 or 13 revolutions, the ball will hit in half the rotor the majority of the time on a TITLED WHEEL. Its for this reason that his system appears to work. He is currently distributing a free winning VB system, but its simply based on these factors, FACTORS that do not exist in a real casino and information I have distributed for free for over 15 years on the net. so be warned about this character.

The scam video used to sell his Roulette Computers and paper system from Australia under many different sites and fake names can be downloaded at several sites distributed by his upset customers, but in every case, he uses a COMMON DEALER SIGNATURE to influence where the ball will land so you think he’s predicting the outcome, but he’s manipulating where the ball will fall. Do not be fooled by such simple trickery. Remember, this criminal has been imprisoned for LYING before. Do  not trust anyone selling such equipment in Australia, you are not protected with the trading standards over there. Proof is that everyone of his customers have reported him to the ACCC in Australia, but the authorities do nothing. Read the evidence of genuinewinner.com purchasers right here on this very site and see that the products do not work.

Although Hourmouzis claims that the number of ball spins fluctuate, the WHEELS ROTOR is travelling consistently throughout all the video at approximately 1 revolution every 5 seconds. These conditions would be never ever found in a real casino. This consistent speed of 5 seconds is the key to him been able to manipulate where the ball will appear by looking at the numbers opposite, hmm, you are thinking, but how? It also does not matter if he is spinning 8.9,10,11,12 revolutions of the ball, it will land approximately in the same half of the wheel! But how? Let me show you.

As we can clearly see, it does not matter to a degree how fast the ball is spun, even making the ball spin 4 revolutions less will hardly make any difference to where the ball falls, it would only still be around only a 1/4 of revolutions of the wheel out. It sound impossible, but 4 extra early revolutions of the ball only total around 1.25 seconds of time, the rotor is travelling at 1 revolution every 5 seconds nearly all the way through hourmouzis video.so

1.25/5= 0.25 of the rotor out even though we have taken away 4 revolutions of the ball and now it only takes 9 revolutions, the prediction is only 0.25 of the rotor out. Sounds impossible, so lets use the exact same graph above and move all ball spins so that only 9 of them is left for the ball to drop instead of 13!

Visual Ballistics for Beating Roulette

So only 9 spins of the ball to go, using the EXACT ROTOR SPEEDS OF OVER 5 seconds will produce consistent results within half the rotor, this is how Hourmouzis Tricks you. All he has to do, is look at the NUMBER under an opposite diamond when he releases the ball, spins the rotor at 5 seconds + per revolution of the rotor and the ball will come down with half the rotor! Even if the ball takes 8 to 13 spins to fall!!

Now, surely you could apply this to the real casinos, NO, this has been well known for along time and the reasons why the Croupiers all over the world are told not to use slow rotor speeds and to alternate the speeds of the rotor! This is why you could never apply this system to a real casino. It has nothing to do with magic patterns, its simply to do with consistent ROTOR SPINS and within certain parameters consistent ball spins say between 8 and 14 ! you could take timings of Hourmouzis videos of his ball timings and Rotor timings and it will reveal the trick is done exactly as it is shown here! There is no magic, just a dealers trick and the reason that dealers can spin against you with slow rotors! I believe that this is also how his roulette computers work in his videos. As one of the Worlds leading experts on roulette prediction, if someone really knew their stuff, they would be able to produce a video showing them beating a level wheel like we do on our home page! They would also allow part payment of say 10% deposit and payment through PAYPAL and EBAY to protect their purchase.

Using the same deceleration of the Rotor(Wheel) and the Ball, lets try a few other examples and in every case we are assuming that the Ball Decelerates at the same rate.

Shortly I will be showing how you can apply a roulette computer that will predict early and on level and tilted wheels, as much as 20 spins of the ball early.  So please come back and visit us!

So Visual Ballistics for Beating Roulette could give you an advantage in certain conditions.

Author :  Mark Anthony Howe Copyright 2019 ©